Massage on the Beach
A Massage Excursion that provides  guests a holistic spa journey in the sands, laying under a shaded cabana and adjacent to the oceans. Exhale slowly feeling the stress leave almost instantly.The Beach Spa massage techniques are choreographed in snychrinization to the rhythmic sounds of waves crashing on the beach.  The guest benefit from the first session experiencing immediate effects of re-balancing of the mind, relaxation of the body and age prevention.

Public Pricing                                
60 minutes | $125
90 minutes | $145

Spa Members and Resort Guest Members * Sold Out Of Memberships
60 minutes| $62.50
90 minutes| $72.50

*Couples "Set Up" Fee is $20 for non-members and $10 for members
*Organic Gluten Free Oils are additional charge of $7

The Beach Aromatherapy Face Treatment
This beach facial can be added to any massage. A facial mask designed for the neck and jaw features  customized to oily, red, dehydrated or aging skin by your choice at time of booking.

$35| Add-on

The Beach Aromatherapy Foot Treatment
No beach treatment is complete without exfolation and massage of the feet and calves. The treatment is completed with a refreshing leg and foot treatment to encourage micro-circulation and a slimming body cream leaving the skin slimmer looking and skin velevet to the touch.

$35 |Add-on

Indoor Dockside Spa Massage
The Beach Spa specializes in the following pressure types of massages and techniques: Sweedish, Relaxation, Deep Tisue, Myofasciao, Pre-Natal, Hot-Stone, Nuero-Muscular, Cranial and more. The Beach Spa therapist goal is to incorporate all the skills they have developed providing you with a customized and blended spa experience. Couples Suites are available upon request for massage and other body treatments.

Public Pricing                                
60 minutes | $  85                         
90 minutes | $100                         

Members and Resort Guest Members* Sold Out of Memberships
60 minutes| $42.50
90 minutes| $50.00

*Couples "Set Up" Fee is included FREE!
*Organic Gluten Free Oils are additional charge of $7
*House Wine $per bottle (Reserved with Suite)

Royal Bamboo Massage

Experience the latest innovation in the health spa industry. The round, smooth and firm texture of the bamboo makes it an orriginal massage tool and rich in different sensations. The bamboo tools fit every contour of the body and provides a deep & revitalizing relaxation massage expereince.

Public Pricing                                 
90 minutes | $  145