Our treatment method

The Beach Spa founder's desire is to provide her spa guests with clinically proven scientific beach and dockside cabin treatments while maintaining the standards of  "Ancient European Traditions ".  In search of cosmetic efficiency our founder adapted to the philosphy of the number 1 French professional aesthetic company, Académie Scientifique de Beauté.  The combined experience of both annsestrial styles facials with methods allied to medical diagnosis and prescription will exceed our guest expectations. This skincare approach is unique to the United States and is provided by The Beach Spa exclusively. Our Founder will often perform services and devloped all treatments in Paris, France with Académie Scientifiqu d Beauté, ensuring all guests maximum results.


Facial Services | European Dockside

Modelling Treatment - (Personal, Relaxing and Suitable for All Skin Types)
60 min | $90
A personalized treatment adapted to skin's need. The skin recovers its balance.
Ultimate Aroma Treatment-
90 min | $160
Everything in this treatment is subtle balance and harmony. Back massage with the candle, scalp massage, face massage, the back is perfectly released from tensions, facial features are visibly relaxed. Thanks to the aromatic elixir benefits, the skin is hydrated and radiates with beauty. This treatment is suitable depending on the skin type. 
Aroma Radiance Treatment
60 min | $125
A sensory journey of pure relaxation and escape with a face modelling combining light effleurages with gentle pressures
in the balancing atmosphere of aromatic essences. Step by step, the skin is hydrated; it recovers radiance and luminosity.
This treatment is suitable depending on the skin type.
Thermo-Active Treatment
60 min | $145
Targets intense nutrition. The skin is nourished in depth. Hardening Face Cast envelopes skin to penetrate deep into lines.
Microdermabrasion Expert Treatment Face & Hands
75 min | $145
4 season peeling treatment. Rejuvenated skin. The skin is visibly younger-looking.
Lifting and Firming Catio Treatment with Vitamin C
(An Age Recovery Facial that Combines a REVOLUTIONARY  French Scientific Proven Technology Providing Instant - Non Surgical Results!) 
90 min | $199
Treatment targeting slackening. The skin recovers firmness and elasticity.
Intensive A.H.A. Treatment
60 min | $145
The perfect age recovery booster treatment. Smoothes deep and fine lines. Diminishes pigmentary imperfections. The complexion recovers radiance and luminosity.
Brightening & Complexion Corrector Expert Treatment (Hypergimentaion Correction Series)
60 min | $165
3 in 1 treatment: brightening, hydrating and age recovery. The skin is clearer, even, luminous and visibly younger.
Desensitizing Treatment for Redness
60 min | $165
Targets redness. The skin is soothed, refreshed and decongested. Redness is reduced.
Brightening & Complexion Corrector Expert Treatment
60 min | $145
3 in 1 treatment: brightening, hydrating and age recovery. The skin is clearer, even, luminous and visibly younger.


Face Sculpting | Catio Eyes and Jaw Ionization & Stem Cells
•  Catio Eyes                                  30 min.               $100  
•  Catio Jaws                                  30 min.               $100
•  Catio Eye and Jaw                       30 min.               $145
•  Full Catio Complete w/ Facial      90 min.                $199